Samantha Vance

Tallahassee, FL

"I left in tears because of the complete sense of rest, peace, and LOVE that I hadn’t experienced in years."


I have the honor of serving on the Board for Tallahassee Healing Prayer Ministries, and last night I experienced THPM's Healing Nights Ministry. It was very different than what I expected. It was the most LOVING, peaceful and insightful evening I’ve had in a very long time. 


Everything was tailored to my needs. When I first walked in I wrote down what was bothering me. Then I was escorted to a room to where I could pray and meditate with spiritual calming music. After a few minutes, someone came and escorted me to a room with three people who began to pray and prophesy over me. Afterward I received a card from another group of people whom I never saw but who were actually praying for me in a different room. My card had scriptures that God gave them for me while I was receiving prayer. 

I left in tears because of the complete sense of rest, peace and LOVE that I hadn’t experienced in years. 


IF YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE THIS POWER OF GOD, COME! Stop in anytime between 7:00-8:30. It’s not a service, and you’re not obligated to do anything but open your heart to the LORD. 


I am so honored to be a part of an organization and ministry that heals and touches the hearts of people so strongly through the power of GOD. #NothingLikeIt #Unbelievable #NoCharge #NoDonation #JustReceiving

Jim Needham

Tallahassee, FL

"In my distress, I called out to God for help. The answer came through THPM."


Several years ago I became aware of a series of broken and strained relationships in my life. Though my intentions were good, even Godly, I found that I had hurt and alienated the very people that I cared deeply about.  The impact was apparent in my marriage, with my children, in my church, and in my inward lack of joy and peace. 


I had seen these unrelated incidents, but as I prayed and reflected honestly about these situations, I began to see similarities. As I prayed more I came to see that there was a pattern. Most disheartening of all was that there was a common denominator in all the relational breakdowns – and it was me. 


Simply being aware of my fault was a step forward – yet it was not enough. I was stuck. I had tried my best, but was still experiencing broken relationships. Without a clear understanding of what I was doing wrong and without the skills to correct those flaws, I realize that I would continue to experience pain in many of my most important relationships. What I believed in and wanted most – to be a loving person in close relationship to others – had, in many ways, escaped me.


In my distress, I called out to God for help. The answer came through THPM. The course “Restarting,” and the subsequent courses in the “Life Model” gave me an understanding of how the brain was structured and what emotional and relational health looked like. I learned skills in how to quiet myself and return to joy when I was upset. Times of prayer offered an opportunity to take emotional wounds and trauma to God and receive inner healing. A small group provided community and a friendship where I could “be myself,” in safety, even when I was “not myself.”  


In all, these provided a foundation for growth that has continued. My family life has been enriched and strengthened. I now experience more joy than ever – even in the midst of hardship. I have learned relational skills that have advanced my career – a career in which I now teach and help others overcome some of the very issues I once found overwhelming.  


Since then, God has continued to refine and teach me. I have by no means “arrived,” but I am no longer “stuck.” It was the foundation that I received through the ministry of THPM that He first used to bring life giving change. I am grateful to Him and to this ministry!

JoAnn Malloy

Tallahassee, FL

"At THPM I felt accepted and loved. I felt I could serve, even in my brokenness." 


I am a broken person being healed by the grace of God. In my childhood I suffered with severe trauma and developmental problems. I had poor relational skills, but I was blessed with a lot of energy so I did reasonably well in life—so I thought. Later in adulthood, my father died, and I was left to settle the family business and estate and take care of my mother. My capacity for handling the stress was overloaded and I had a breakdown.


For a period of time I was confused—in and out of mental hospitals. I was given many labels. I lost my sense of direction. I didn’t know who I was anymore.


But God had a plan for my life. Tallahassee Healing Prayer Ministries accepted me—just as I was. They were not concerned about all the labels—just that I was a child of God.  Their Life Model courses, adopted from the teachings and research of Dr. Jim Wilder, began to give me hope.  I learned that there were two types of trauma—the absence of good things and the bad things that happen.  God designed me so that my brain could actually be rewired.  That was “good news!”


The “joy center” at the front of my brain could be activated by being with people who are glad to be with me. The safe, family atmosphere at THPM helped me with developmental issues I had failed to learn as a child—how to return to joy from negative emotions. Slowly I began to fill in the gaps in my maturity and grow in Christ.


I am thankful to God for Tallahassee Healing Prayer Ministries. At THPM I felt accepted and loved. I felt I could serve, even in my brokenness. Thank you God and thank you THPM.

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