Learning Skills to Build Joy

Grow in Joy & Love

We were made for joyful community, but our lack of maturity and relationship skills often make community painful rather than joyful. At THPM, we mentor and train facilitators to lead healthy, safe groups where we learn to connect to God and others with joyful hearts.

We cover many topics through our Leadership Development training, Life Model classes and seminars -- from how to pray for the sick, to connecting to God through Immanuel Prayer, to learning to listen well and avoid ministry burnout.   

What Is The Life Model?

The Life Model is an ideal model of how and why we were created. In a sense it is the Bible translated to 21st century understandings of how and why life works and what to do in a fractured world. It is culturally independent and reinforced by the emerging findings in interpersonal and developmental neurobiology and studies of emotion and motivation, i.e. brain science.

The Life Model is unique in that it makes day-to-day sense of the magnificence of our human position in creation, provides a day to day vision of God's heart for us and also shows us where and how we need healing and restoration. 

Our Life Model classes are offered several times a year. 


Mondays 8/24-11/2, TCCTC Online. Tallahassee Christan College, 850-513-1000

Brain science is the new frontier for discovering what makes us human, leading to a new discipline called interpersonal neurobiology. A parallel synthesis is emerging called neurotheology. Both shed light on understanding the ruptures of life and the ways to restoration. Join us, it will be fun!


Wednesdays, 12 :00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

THPM Office, 267 John Knox Road, Conference Room (downstairs)

THPM designed this class for those who may be a little shy in joining an established group.

Walk-in to join


Tuesdays, 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

THPM Conference Room, 267 John Knox Road (downstairs)​

You are welcome to join one of two small groups who weekly write and read a story about themselves. The stories are limited to one page and there is little pressure to perform or reveal. Appreciation and gratitude are strengthened, God’s grace is encountered and seemingly random and often negative life memories are made coherent over time as the stories of life are unfolded. The fellowship itself is life-giving and encouraging. For many, the stories have led to strengthened relationships with family, and they provide a treasure for younger generations. Stories can be hand written or typed. All levels of writing skills are sufficient and all will improve over time.

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Five Tuesdays

6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.                                    

Tallahassee Christian College and Training Center

1717 Hermitage Boulevard, Suite 102        

Brain science and relational Joy provide a conceptual framework that includes faith in a loving God and embraces scientific discoveries for leaders, teachers, healing professionals or anyone called to respond in life-giving ways to the challenge of restoring self, individuals, community and family. Based on the research of respected theologians, clinicians and scientists, this class presents cutting edge insights from brain, human development, traumatology, emotional regulation, motivation, and interpersonal relation sciences while providing connections to scriptural teachings and everyday life experiences. The primary focus of the class is our amazingly complex brain and exponentially growing brain discoveries. Lecture topics include: motivation and joy, the brain as a social organ, consciousness and memory, developmental trauma, emotional regulation, and an ideal model of how God designed us to grow—infant through elder. We will also introduce a set of 19 relational brain skills which are rapidly dropping out of society. The lack of these skills is contributing to all sorts of trauma as well as societal and relational chaos. The only requirement is curiosity; no science background required.



All of our relationships are meant to be life-giving, yet are often more pain filled than joyful. Learn how to build joy with those you love and how to connect deeply and intimately with God so that you can interact with him throughout your day. ‘Living Relationally’ gently leads you through a series of teachings and experiential skills to quiet and connect with God and share your story with others. Based on a compilation of key concepts and transformational exercises from the Life Model, the teachings and exercises integrate neuroscience with Scripture and help rewire our brains to live in rhythms of joy and peace. The format includes large group instruction, individual exercises and small group sharing. We recommend this class as the foundation for those who are led to join the Tallahassee Healing Prayer ministries or wish to become better apprentices of the Lord Jesus.



With this 12-week class, learn to engage with God and live from your true heart through quieting, listening and journaling, instead of continually striving to go, go, go and do, do, do. Engage your experiences and emotions in healthy ways to reveal truths about who God made you to be. These truths about who God made you to be are revealed through conversational prayer and sacred scriptural reading. This curriculum is gentle and substantial for beginners or seasoned folks looking to enliven their spiritual life. This limited-enrollment class offers many opportunities for experiential learning.

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