Community Church Partnerships

THPM is creating a movement of healing through the churches in Tallahassee

Community Church Partnerships
THPM Is Creating a Movement of Healing through Tallahassee Churches

The Tallahassee Healing Prayer Ministry (THPM) is developing the ability to reach into the greater Tallahassee Community. Our growth is occurring primarily through partnering with churches to provide services that add value to what the churches are currently offering. Through these partnerships, THPM will be able to support churches in two ways:


1. Training church leadership and members to relate with others from the heart Jesus desires for them. We use the Life Model as the basis of our training, and building relational joy is at its heart. Church members who participate learn to relate with even the most difficult people in healthy, constructive ways, and learn to see others as Jesus sees them. Relationships that once were strained can become harmonious and joyful. Wouldn’t it be a transformational experience if all encounters with people in your church burst forth from continuously joy-filled hearts?


2. Training and mentoring church members interested in becoming part of a healing prayer ministry in their church and with THPM. This type of prayer ministry is the work of the Holy Spirit through people trained to provide intercessory prayer that helps restore emotional, spiritual or physical healing for recipients. This is intense, personal intercessory prayer. If the prayer recipient is comfortable being anointed with oil and hands-on prayer, your prayer intercessors will be eager to offer this additional touch — all in the precious, powerful name of Jesus.




To truly partner with churches means THPM needs support from them, as well. We need churches to:

  • Share information about THPM with church leaders and members

  • Select people who can benefit from Life Model training to enhance relational skills and maturity

  • Identify people willing to commit time and energy to become intercessory prayer ministers within the church and with THPM

  • Provide financial support to enable THPM to offer programs for the church and expand throughout Tallahassee.


If you are interested in learning more about how your church can partner with THPM, contact our Board Chair, Barbara Ann Blue at 850-728-4407 or at